Tango Ending


Tango Pose Ending. – Homage to Bauhaus.




Bauhaus Homage – Tango Art


Performance pushes the boundaries of tango skills and creates a different artisit metric by which a social dance is judged.  With aesthetic and choreographed precision being the new metric Tango becomes something new.  Everything within the dance has been considered and rehearsed until it is deemed of a standard to perform.

This often leads to poses and movements in the dance that are incredibly athletic and dynamic in range.

Ending captures a moment that is born of the performance world but would not seem out of place on a social floor.

With an incredible eye for simplifying complicated form into geometric, flat and block imagery of Ending takes this to the next level.  Beautiful geometric form with solid block colour provokes a sense of strength while also sharing an intimate and fragile relationship within the form. The dynamic position blurred into a morphic stack of blocks.

Artwork Details:

When creating Ending – Bauhaus Homage The artist set about creating the form with the goal of a geometric, almost architectural motive.  The form would present as an abstract art of a single dimension block stacked and coloured to form this incredible abstraction movement frozen at the end of a dance.

A couple can be seen, the man in a black suit and white shirt, the red haired woman in a soft blue dress.  She entends herself across his masculine frame, drapped with a leg entending across his body.

Doni’s interest in Tango wall art is pushing beyond the standard ‘tourist’ art that is most common in dance art in general.  Tango is often depicted with chiches of poses and colours that have to now limited the graphic representation of tango in art.

In this Tango artwork Doni has pushed himself further by taking the touristic aspect of tango ‘the pose’ and created a completely new way to look at it within the context of visual representation.


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