Puzzle Pieces


The complexity of Tango laid bare in a bold and striking artwork.



‘Puzzle Pieces’

Concept Tango Art – Doni Mac, 2021.


Tango is can be seen as a complex kinetic language, which is unlike a pyramid but more like a tree. The more you know the more questions you will have.  A dancer must understand communication in a multitude of ways in order to create a flowing, musical and connected dance.

To consider the pieces of the Tango puzzle lets first explore the basics what is happening on a milonga dance floor.
The Ronda : If all is going well the ronda flows with lanes in which the dancers say within.  However, in reality just like in traffic one crazy dancer can bring this all to a grinding halt.
The Music : Understanding and sharing the interpretation of the music with your partner is an amazing skill and one that goes far beyond ‘stepping to the beat’.
The Partner : Often partner dance is thought about in moves. At a high level Tango is about creating the possibility of beautiful movement within the partner. The outcome is an inevitability of this skill.

The Puzzle Pieces of tango are extensive in such a way that when every element slots into place tango is like no other experience that can be had with a person.
In Tango the dancers are simultaneously creating art with one another, which in turn is affected by other dancers on the floor and the interpretation of the music.

Artwork Details:

Bold and clean.  Puzzle Pieces is a contemporary artwork that sits well outside any sense of traditional dance art.

Creating this type of dance art requires thinking well outside the standard avenues of thought for dance.  Capturing the complexity of the dance in a simple and clear visual expression is one of Doni’s greatest skills.

Once seen the artwork seem familiar and obvious.  The visual components feel safe and contained. However, the exploration of the content is extensive and challenging to any dancer willing to explore what they are really trying to achieve in their dance.

As one of the best sellers Doni will be making this artwork available in various colour ways as limited editions.



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