Goodbye 2020 Milonga


Tango Melbourne Goodbye 2020 Milonga Event. Thursday, 31 December 2020.




New Years Eve Event (2020)

31 December 2020 Tango Melbourne event celebrating the end of a very difficult year for social dancing and much more.

The event was held at The Fitzroy Art Collective as Tango Melbourne’s first event post COVID ( The new home of Tango Melbourne for 2021)

After a long year (2020) without much dancing Tango Melbourne launched into the New Year with the wonderful GOODBYE 2020 Milonga.

When the event was the first Milonga to take place in Melbourne since March 2020.  Although the scene was tentative at first the Milonga was embraced and we all gathered to bid Good riddance to 2020.

‘ Good Riddance to 2020’

Running from 9pm – 2am the event was DJ’ed by the beautiful and talented Renee Fieck and ended with over 45 people still attending at 2am

Artwork Details:

2020 was a difficult year and Doni wanted to convey some of what the year had been for all of tango.

Much like the the dancers emerging for isolation, the ‘journal BAILAMOS’ (We dance) is peeled back revealing a coffee stain and the final entry into the 2020 journal.

The entry can been seen to say ‘… survived of…. tango COVID 19. …. now is the time to… live & dance again! GOODBYE 2020’

The stiletto clad leg snagging the cover of the journal is more than just a leg.  It is one half of Tango Melbourne’s previous logo.  For us this was signifying how Tango Melbourne was the first to start pulling back the cover on 2020 and returning life to tango in Melbourne.



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