Connection- Tango Bauhaus Homage


Tango Art Captured in a Tango Bauhaus Homage ‘Connection’ is in the hearts of all Tango dancers.




Tango Bauhaus Homage (2020)

This artwork may play a trick on you.  At first glance you could be lulled into believing the simple geometrical shapes create a plain and obvious series of circles, and at one level you would be right.

In his efforts to strip everything back and use minimal variation of form Doni has created a profoundly deep iconisation of Tango.

‘Connection‘ is about the back and forth of communication. Whether it be feelings, thoughts, movement tango has it all.  It is a circular system forming a loop of information between parties.

If you look deeper a complete picture emerges.  A dance seen from above, an embrace of  circles, a woman with her hair tied up hold a man and shares the space between them.

Artwork Details:

Bauhaus design is an incredible artform and here Doni plays with the elements of Bauhaus to form a Homage to the style.

Using only circles, the form of an embrace emerges from the simple geometry in a way that is bold, simple and connected deeply to tango.



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