Choose wisely


Which will you choose? 



‘Choose wisely’ – Dance Art

Dance Art Inspiration:

Every social dancer knows they need to rest. But there is dancing tonight in the city and it might be wonderful. Dance is their addiction. This simple poster explores the questions of want and need, as well as the deprivation of a dance obsession.

The blue pill or the red pill is a direct homage to the cinematic classic, The Matrix. In a famous scene, the character Neo is asked to choose between two pills, a red and a blue. One will leave him in his known world and the other will wake him up from the matrix. In that life-changing moment, he is asked to ‘Choose wisely’.

Dance Artwork Details:

Another minimalist piece depicting an aspect of dance rarely investigated. The simple motive is displayed in a clean and finished artwork. The subject is a labyrinthine idea that many dancers will intrinsically understand. Do they choose to have normal functions at work, but go without the fulfilment of dance, or do they suffer the next day having experienced many lives the night before?  

Once again, with clarity of vision, Doni captures the agony of choice most dancers face at some point and depicts the quandary in a simple and telling artwork.



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