Beginning or End?


An iconic moment.  Exhausted, or anticipating?



‘Beginning or End?’

Doni Mac, 2020.


The moments that make up a social dancer’s evening might seem insignificant, but small rituals and behaviours are wonderfully unique to social dancers.

A moment captured can be seen in so many ways. This one poses several questions. Is the subject excited to start dancing? Is her favourite music playing? Is it the end of the night? Is she resting her feet? Is she talking to someone? Maybe her feet are fresh and ready to dance, or maybe quite the opposite. Is the strap of her shoe too loose? 

In this artwork Doni sought to capture some of the aspects of dancing tango that are fleeting, disappear and become just part of the process.

Artwork Details:

Beginning or End is constructed in similar ways to other Bailamos artworks, although in this piece Doni plays with one additional element (beyond the flat composition, block colours and simple forms). In Beginning or End, there is an open invitation into the world of women’s obsession with tango shoes.

With a minimalist gesture, Doni challenges us to explore an expansive aspect of tango by applying an intricate floral illustration to the tango shoe upper. This creates a powerful, yet subtle, juxtaposition between the block colours of the other elements and the complex styling of the shoe and its personality. It allows us to imagine the character of the dancer and the original purchase choice that would have taken hours of consideration: the pros and cons of the particular shoe, the dwelling on shape, the fitting and refitting, not to mention the choices made before the milonga, matching colours with dresses, further comparisons and final commitment.


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