12 Minutes Together – Bauhaus Homage


12 Minutes Together captures the notion of a Tango Tanda. – Homage to Bauhaus.



12 Minutes Together

Bauhaus Homage – Tango Art


A Tango tanda is a group of 3 or 4 songs played for tango dancers to dance to.  Tango is a deep and emotional experience so it is dished out in small amounts. Dancing a tango tanda for 12 to 15 minutes is a profound experience.

With an incredible eye for simplifying complicated form into geometric, flat imagery  12 Minutes together takes this to the next level.  Beautiful geometric form with solid block colour provokes a sense of strength while also sharing an intimate and fragile relationship within the form. The inward feelings and thoughts shared between partners as they take the embrace creating a perfect moment of intimacy.

Often 12 – 15 minutes long a group of Tango songs (Tango Tanda) is all it takes to live an entire life with a stranger. Maybe they will never meet again, maybe they will become lovers? 12 Minutes together is the heart of all Tango dancers.

Artwork Details:

When creating 12 Minutes together – Bauhaus Homage The artist set about creating the form with the goal of a geometric, almost architectural motive.  The form would present as an abstract art of block colour and circular form with limited straight line.

A couple can be seen taking the embrace, her arm sliding around his, their heads toward the connection the create.

Doni’s interest in Tango wall art is pushing beyond the standard ‘tourist’ art that is most common in dance art in general.  Tango is often depicted with stylised, though nearly photographic representations of a tango pose.  This does not represent the experience of the vast majority of Tango dancers.

Doni is looking to capture a feeling, idea or perspective of the moments Tango dancer experience in the dance and share it in pictorial form.



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