January 28, 2016 EMBRACE - Villemot Homage - Bailamos Tango Art - Doni Mac


Limited editions

For those that know Doni they know very well his need to produce and create.  As an artist Doni is always looking for unique and interesting ways to create discussion points.  This leads to many wonderful and interesting pieces.

With this incredible ability to constantly push himself to explore the world around him Doni’s unique vision of Tango is now leading him down an artistic path that he to this point has been reluctant to share with the world. 

Not happy with resting on what is produced Doni will from time to time be offering Limited Edition posters that will be marked and signed by Doni to designate the Limited edition number.  Once the limit is reach there will be no more of that item sold.

This means you might find yourself in the possession of 1 of 10 or maybe even 1 of 1. 

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