January 28, 2020 Bailamos Tango - inviation mockup

What is Bailamos?

What is Bailamos?

Bailamos, in escence means ‘we dance’.  It could be as a question or as a statement. However, in the context of Doni’s tango creatations, it is an invitation to see how the art capture a a glimpse into the world of a dancer and not a dance tourist.

Doni was constantly surprised that the dance based posters and artworks seemed to capture the most obvious aspects of dance.  They often depicted literal things,. a pose, a dip, but never a feeling of the secrets we as dancers share with one another.

Bailamos throws itself into the culture of Tango and begs the viewer to explore and understand the art from the perspective of someone from the community of Tango.  In this way the art can function in two very simple ways.  It can be a visual accent in a space, giving rise to discussion of colour and form, or it can be a path to discussion about as aspect of Tango that is not seen from the outside.

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