A Tango Journey

Before starting his Tango journey, Doni Mac was designing posters and promotion for Tango Melbourne events.   In recent times an ever growing number of students and dancers have been requesting to own his amazing designs.  So he has started to make his extensive catalogue of work available for the general public.   Doni is now a world class dancer and his Tango art reflects a deep understanding of nuance in the dance.

It is incredible how unique an individual can be with only a few base considerations.  We are much more unique in our thoughts than we may first believe.  If you take 5 simple facts about yourself you may already be the only person on the planet that it could be.

When teaching tango it has become abundantly clear that each individual has their own unique method to interpret and assimilate information.  Do you see the dance in shapes, or maybe colours, sounds or mathematics?  There are more ways in which we are unique than the same, especially when it comes to the way we think. 

Bailamos in spanish means “we dance”  and forms an art that celebrates the human mind, the dance and its rituals. Removing the typical and replacing with the unique. It is my mind in pictorial form, my exploration of what it means to dance tango. 

The treatment of the art is not only for dancers, it is the form, colour and space that first capture the imagination then under deeper investigation reveal secrets of a subculture and its eccentricities. It is beyond the visual and built for discussion it creates.

Doni’s Vision of Tango as Art

Doni has many points of inspiration but also has a very specific aesthetic that is uniquely his.  Even when paying homage to a style Doni still manages to invite the nature of the dance into the art.  It is his vision not to present an ‘obvious’ tango idea but to capture the feelings and ideas within the dance and open the door for the audience to explore with him what these thing mean to us that have and do dance tango!

As an artist my first principles are to invoke exploration. I see growth in every exploration and invite the audience to grow with me.  In this way you will not see art that is ‘tourist’ in nature. Indeed you may not see dance in the visuals at all.  However, all art will reflect an exploration of an aspect of tango and what it means to live a life inside the dance.

Over the years my art has been diving deeper into the iconisation of ideas and the clarity in which to evoke the ideas with the bare minimum of visuals. 

” I find it an incredible process to deconstruct the concept so far as to remove all but the essence of the idea and to convey this in a clear and impactful way.  I find it the most rewarding when I can lose myself in the construction of a perfectly simple artwork that captures the feeling, idea, emotion or life within it.”  – Doni

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